I cannot possibly imagine a world without art. It brings colour to my world and passion to my work. It is through this passion that I have committed myself to being the best in the business. Having studied finance at the highest level and worked as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, my strong analytical background combined with art expertise and knowledge, allows me to elaborate the right strategy for my clients in a structured manner. Whether driven by investment or marketing, I help you identify the best opportunities in the art market. My combination of business and art is one of a kind. I have privileged access to many segments of the market, allowing me to find the most suitable works and to develop the best strategy according to the needs of my clients.

Being an art advisor is for me the dream job! I am not a dealer, I am not a gallery owner, I have no inventory, nothing for sale, I am building long-term trust relationships with my clients, helping them set-up the best strategy according to their objectives and budgets. I put all my expertise, my knowledge, my network at the service of my clients; being independent with no vested interest in any transaction allows me to truly advise my clients"

Sebastien Laboureau