My extensive transactional experience allows me to advise private collectors, foundations, family offices, and even dealers to help them close transactions at the highest level of the art market. I can handle all aspects of any complex transaction in the private market including due diligence, valuation and pricing analysis, structuring and execution, and all legal and financial aspects.

I have secured privileged access to a large portfolio of Master works, ranging from Impressionist works to Post-War and Contemporary works, most of which have never been auctioned and are currently in private collections, together with a wide access to some of the most important experts in the art world nowadays to ensure top-notch and smooth execution of any deal with the highest standards.


I help my clients to create and develop an art collection according to their tastes, objectives and budgets. I accompany them all the way in the art world, going to art fairs, private collections, auctions all around the world. Being a collector myself, I am constantly on the look for the new talents and have extensive access to a large portfolio of emerging artists.  Some of the ideas I develop with my clients:

Curate private collections according to a set of objectives and constraints.

Identify “talents” who could potentially enrich a collection.

Look for specific works of Art in the international art community.

Buy and sell Art in the best conditions

Place artworks in private environments.

Commission artistic installations (paintings, sculptures, murals, photographs, videos, etc.)

Manage artistic patrimony and wealth, and advise on tax optimization and wealth creation with a pro-active asset management strategy to grow and diversify artistic assets.

Organize private “meet the artist” events and dinners to personalize the acquisitions with the artists and collectors.


I also advise fine arts professionals, galleries, advisors, auction houses, art fairs, and artists to help them get all the benefits from a growing global art market, defining better strategies and execute those strategies in the most efficient manner.

I also work with various corporations in numerous industries, such as the hospitality, the luxury goods, and the real estate industry to use art activations to develop branding or marketing strategy supported by creativity and art experiences. I have an extensive experience in curating custom-tailored art exhibits, art events, to maximize any marketing and branding impacts.


Art is above all about education, discoveries, experiences. That is why I have designed programs that incorporate my experience and knowledge into targeted conferences and workshops focused on the art market. These programs are designed both to assist new collectors at the first stages of developing an art collection and to provide sophisticated advisory services to advanced collectors.

This program of educational seminars and art talks on the art market are designed to explain the way the art market works and its codes while outlining its trends and drivers. I demonstrate how clients can find multiple benefits in today’s dynamic market, both from an investment perspective and in terms of social image associated with collecting fine art.